Handmade Fine Silver & Gold Jewelry


Inspired by nature, these rustic necklaces 
vary from statement pieces to 
daily wearable charm.
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Cicada Wing Necklace
A tiny Cicada Wing with it's lacy veins dances gracefully from a matching chain.

Item # N-1002
Price: Wholesale Only
Split Fleur de Lis Necklace
Like the bracelet of the same name, The Split Fleur de Lis Necklace represents strength and survival after the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.

Item # N-5001
Price: Wholesale Only
Cut-Out Cross Medallion Necklace
This unique necklace radiates beauty stemming from the central cross to the petal-like outer circle.

Item # N-4003
Price: Wholesale Only
Hinged Leaf Necklace
The graceful lines of a sycamore leaf are shown off all the more by the hinges that hold it together.

Item # N-6000
Price: Wholesale Only
Rough Textured Cross Necklace
A rough, textured cross rests on a free style, textured background.  

Item # N-2006
Price: Wholesale Only