Handmade Fine Silver & Gold Jewelry

Bold and eye catching, 
Rachael's original designs will 
add depth and beauty to any outfit.
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Crawfish Bracelet
A Domed and textured rectangle forms the base upon which this stately crawfish rests.

Item # B-5006
Price: Wholesale Only
Split Fleur de Lis Bracelet
The original design of the split Fleur de Lis signifies the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and the strength and determination to survive and rebuild.

Item # B-5006
Price: Wholesale Only
Cut-Out Cross Medallion Bracelet
This Medallion appears to be a fully blossomed flower with petals radiating from the central cross.

Item # B-4001
Price: Wholesale Only
Textured Cross Bracelet
The Textured Cross is one of Rachael's first designs.This piece can be ordered with or without inscriptions on the back of each piece.

Item # B-2002 (with inscription: B-2002i)
Price: Wholesale Only
Artistic Rectangle Bracelet
Graceful curves and swirls flow over six rectangular panels.

Item# B-9003
Price: Wholesale Only
OM Bracelet

An elegant and sophisticated design is created by combining the Opulent Metals Logo and the X-medallion pieces.

Item # B-8005
Price: Wholesale Only