Handmade Fine Silver & Gold Jewelry
Rachael Lagarde

A lifelong love of nature and art 

are harmoniously brought together 

through the original designs of this former Marine Biologist

About The Designer

I have had two constant loves, nature and art.  Like two threads, these loves have been woven throughout the fabric of my life at times together and at times independently.  The colors and textures of nature are a constant theme in my bodies of work. 


I received a degree in Marine Biology and worked in this field until the birth of my first child in 2001.  Determined to nurture my child, I became a stay at home mother.  During this time, needing an artistic outlet, I began to hand-carve silver jewelry.  This eventually turned into a full-time business, and I began to explore other passions in the arts.


I turned to sculpting Bronze, Copper, and Pure Silver.  My installations have become a way of expressing the beauty and fragility of nature using a medium that also comes from the earth.  I combine found items such as old motorcycle gears, antique hardware, and old watch parts with my bronze and silver carvings.  The pieces are brought to life with different chemicals that react with the metals to bring about various colors and textures foreign to these objects.


My latest inspiration came while viewing pictures a friend had taken from a duck hunt. I found the iridescence and brilliance of these feathers breath taking. I asked if he would bring home feathers from his next hunt for use in an art project. 


Each feather art piece is truly unique, as they begin with no specific vision or plan for the outcome, but instead I allow the feathers to create the intricate patterns themselves and build the piece.  Not until the canvas is covered, do I feel the full effect.  During a difficult period in my life this has become a therapeutic outlet, a way to escape the world and its troubles and focus on the beauty set before me by God.