Handmade Fine Silver & Gold Jewelry

Whether your style is natural
 or more refined,
 our distinctive earrings are sure to please 
even the most discriminating tastes.
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Single Hollow Cicada Wing Earrings
The delicate veins of a solitary Cicada Wing make an unusual and stunning earring. One of our most popular designs.

Item # E-1001
Price: Wholesale Only
Cut-Out Cross Medallion Earrings
Petals radiate from the central cross in this floral inspired design.

Item # E-4006
Price: Wholesale Only
Split Fleur de Lis Style Earrings
The graceful Fleur de Lis rests on a simple oval background.

Item # E-5005
Price: Wholesale Only
Basket Weave Earrings
In the spirit of basketry, these unique earrings are woven from thin strips of silver and dangle from a curved bale.

Item # E-3003
Price: Wholesale Only
Solid Cicada Wing Earrings
The rhythmic shape of the Solid Cicada Wings, reminiscent of Louisiana summer nights, makes an exquisite statement.

Item # E-1002
Price: Wholesale Only 
Bean Pod Earrings
Beauty can be found in the simplest forms of nature. These wild flower bean pods form a whimsical pair of everyday earrings.

Item # E-6004
Price: Wholesale Only
Rough Textured Cross Earrings
The intricate lines of the textured cross pick up the deep hues of the antique patina.

Item # E-2001
Price: Wholesale Only