Handmade Fine Silver & Gold Jewelry

Hand-carved and formed in Pure Silver or Gold, 
every piece of Rachael Lagarde's jewelry is unique 
and inspiring in it's own way.

  From the delicate, lacy wings of the Cicada 
and the memory of Hurricane Katrina in the Split Fleur de Lis,
to the sentimental Remembrance Fingerprint Collection,
 Rachael's love for her art and her clients is obvious
 in each and every stunning piece. 

Our Favorites

Rachael Lagarde has been making exquisite, handmade, fine silver & Gold jewelry 
through her company, Opulent Metals, since 2001. 
With the desire to reach more customers,
 our business has recently changed from retail to wholesale, 
with the exception of customer-designed, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.  

Please visit our Contact Us page to inquire 
about having a piece of jewelry made just for you.  

For all of our collections, please visit the Where to Purchase page 
to see where you can order or buy a beautiful piece for your collection.
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